Euro 2016

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Δημοσίευσηαπό john4serres » Πέμ 14 Ιούλ 2016, 11:32

Μια σελιδα στο fb το ανεβασε. Δεν νομιζω για πλακα.
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Δημοσίευσηαπό Spiros_S » Πέμ 14 Ιούλ 2016, 11:44

Αν είναι αλήθεια, περάσανε τη μ@λ@κία σε νέα επίπεδα.
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Δημοσίευσηαπό Μπαρκαρούτσος » Πέμ 14 Ιούλ 2016, 14:40

SOME of the most memorable moments of Wales' Euro 2016 journey were players bringing their little ones on to the pitch, but it has been revealed that the FAW was charged by organisers.

UEFA officials complained after the likes of Gareth Bale and other Welsh footballing stars brought their children on to the pitch to celebrate.

Now it has been revealed the UEFA charged Wales for allowing their players to bring their children onto the pitch to celebrate their Euro 2016 successes.

It is understood the case was actually heard on Thursday, with Wales handed a warning over future conduct at matches.

FAW Trust chief executive Neil Ward said: "We were disappointed. I think we understand security issues around all games. In fact the FAW has been charged by UEFA on that but we put in a lot of mitigation around this because obviously it is about that future generation and that inclusivity.

"I think it was hugely popular among the people in the ground to see those young kids on the pitch. Some of those goals that were scored in front of the fans (by the kids) got as big a cheer as some of the other goals scored in the game. It was just magical to see and it again shows you the openness and togetherness of this squad.

"I think the players have blown away those myths of the modern professional player. They have shown huge courage, huge passion, leadership, friendliness and embraced the family ethic as well."

Bale was the first to break the rules following the knockout victory over Northern Ireland, as he played with three-year-old daughter Alba Violet on the pitch after the game, while other players' kids also took to the field for an impromptu kickabout.

The 3-1 quarter-final win over Belgium also saw the likes of Neil Taylor and Hal Robson-Kanu celebrate with their young children draped around them.

UEFA tournament director Martin Kallen had earlier said: "It is a European Championship not a family party.

"A stadium is not the most safe place for small kids.

"It is nice pictures. We are not 100 per cent against it but we are cautious.

"It is getting more and more a habit that entire family members would like to go on the pitch or into the technical area. The principle is how far you go with having other people on the pitch than the players. People with accreditation cards should be on the pitch and not more."
Ο γαύρος είναι ανίκητος, λέγατε, θυμάστε; Τώρα γύρισε ο τροχός, πουτάνες τώρα σωπάστε για ν'ακούσετε τα γέλια των χαμένων που πάνω στα συντρίμμια σας χορεύουν.
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Δημοσίευσηαπό Spiros_S » Πέμ 14 Ιούλ 2016, 15:18

Ότι να'ναι πραγματικά.
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Δημοσίευσηαπό K_geo » Κυρ 17 Ιούλ 2016, 08:44

Πρωταθλήτρια Ευρώπης η Πορτογαλία του Φερνάντο Σάντος.

Mvp του τουρνουά και πρώτος σκόρερ ο Antoine Griezmann.

Η Ελλάδα κοιτάει μπροστά και προετοιμάζεται για τα επόμενα ντέρμπυ με τα Ν. Φερόε που δυναμώνουν περισσότερο χρόνο με το χρόνο.

"να παραμερίσουμε όλοι τα πάθη και τις διαφορές μας.Συσπειρωμένοι όλοι θα τα καταφέρουμε."Θ4
"Μην κοιτάς τι μπορεί να κάνει ο ΠΑΟΚ για σένα αλλά τι μπορείς να κάνεις εσύ για τον ΠΑΟΚ."ΠΑΟΚ N.Y Club
"Της πατρίδος μου η σημαία έχει χρώμα ασπρόμαυρο"
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