PAOK and Partizan Iste Boje Ista Vera

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Re: PAOK and Partizan Iste Boje Ista Vera

Δημοσίευσηαπό ΑποστόληςΑ » Κυρ Δεκ 02, 2018 4:24 pm

Red Star reminds me of Olympiacos. They control refs, even the judges in all athletic courts. They have won 6 points (so far) from the refs and they didn' t lose 3 points, thanks to judges. We, last season, lost 12 points and 2 points this season, all from judges.
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Re: PAOK and Partizan Iste Boje Ista Vera

Δημοσίευσηαπό Krki PFC » Κυρ Δεκ 02, 2018 4:33 pm

That's right brother. You know that very, very good. I hope so that Gayros era is done.

Here is video from our friendly game 2008, from my archive :)
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